Pendulum Swing


This is a story of Love



The pendulum swings ahead, like tick-tock hands moving TIME forward on a clock’s face. Every person chooses the best life they can live as time moves on. Some choose a career for success, Some choose family and steadiness. And others travel the globe, solo, never staying put. But whichever one chooses, at some point they all want INNER PEACE & SERENITY. Some find IT in their work as a form of artistry. Others find it in a deity of blind faith, in a comfortable, established group-think, form.

Most everyone seeks their Heavenly bliss from Earthly perspectives and Worldly view points. This book, Pendulum Swing, was written to explore avenues outside of the Earthly, Worldly Proverbial box. For this purpose a Cosmic Universal view was carefully conceived. The objective was to find a connection between the mind’s spiritual passages and the Cosmic Realm. If there was such a connection it would only be found through a lifetime of testing and deep mind analysis. Perhaps a secret door connected the two.

The main concern was to eliminate all possibilities of coincidences. This would require a full lifetime, which a young person has. Herein, is the story of such an experimental voyage through the mind and into the Cosmos. If you’re looking for an answer to a secrets of life, this may be one of them, if not the secret itself. The results found in this expedition are nothing short of Majestic and Enlightening. The best part is, it’s available to any free thinking spirited mind.


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