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Louis Perez  (The, self proclaimed, Observation Artist)



That man in line, waiting for that bus, is just like you and me. His wheels ran out of luck a few days back. He had parked his 1963 Ford Falcon on a street in Queens as his breaks were failing and he had a majestic experience, almost crashing. It had happened a few days prior as he was on the downside run of an overpass, on Wood-haven Blvd heading towards Rockaway Beach, Belle Harbor. His luck might have seemed to run low as he headed downward toward a car with children inside, which had stopped to make a left turn at the bottom of the hill. The concrete wall, made for perfect contact with his Falcon’s bumper, allowing him to slow the car down. He hugged the wall, tightly, scraping the bumper as he fought to keep the steering wheel from pulling the car away.  All the while, he hoped the car wouldn’t flip over. Sparks were flying and a sudden crashing contact with the car at the bottom of the hill was eminent.

Luckily and miraculously he came to stop, just before contact and avoided the crash. The children, in the back seat watched the whole thing, wide eyed as the vehicle turned and disappeared. (That’s one story of many in my life as a Majestic Observer). Many can say, “Jesus took the wheel that day,” but it was the Cosmic Realm God (CRG) who had started the car, (The CRG, had given Jesus the keys. And another Majestic experience had presented itself right before my eyes). Now, he was on his way, in bus rides, to retrieve the car for repairs, but when he got there, the car was bent in half and smashed at the rear. Joy riding teens had smashed into it, classifying it junk. (sudden Death if anyone would have been in the car at the time)

The CRG had to be proven beyond all shadow of doubt, before it could be accepted as truth and not coincidences, which took a lifetime of tests to complete, and thus these stories of my life, prompted this book, “PENDULUM SWING.”  It was created, to tell the story of all the findings and how they came about. (In the beginning, I had just started with just one question, “Why am I here?” Which led to, “What’s life all about?”) The books, “EQUILIBRIUM and EQUILIBRIUM SOUP,” are prequels to Pendulum Swing, as they are the actual findings before the proof. And though the man in line, at the bus stop looks like everyone else, poor with a token, he’s filthy wealthy in the spiritual sense, where to him, walking through life with God’s Majestic powers, had mattered first and foremost—most of all—as opposed to material wealth. Unfortunately spiritual wealth cannot pay for a publishing house to take interest in his true stories and thankfully the Cosmic Realm God, provided the internet. 

Ps, the reason for this site, is because it seems the only way a poor man can accomplish the same as only a rich person can easily afford. Perhaps the enlightenment from this platform will bring another Majestic experience, where everyone wins. 

With this platform anyone can help me by their input or by just reading my story. And all imputes are welcome to anyone who signs up. Donations are greatly appreciated, 

Thank You,

Louis Perez


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