My Cosmic Elements

My Cosmic Elements


This site is not meant to argue against or for the Bible or for or against Jesus Christ or with regard to any religious doctrines. This is a spiritual place of self worth beyond religion.

To those people already set in their beliefs of the aforementioned or any other religious creed not mentioned, all the more blessings to you.
There are plenty of atheist sites willing to take on any arguments. THIS IS NOT THAT PLACE.

This site is for those who seek spiritual insights from out of the Earthly Box, beyond religious perspective thinking.

It is a site for those who want to believe in a spiritual awareness from within the spirit-soul, outside of religious constraints and unworthiness values.

This site, “My Cosmic Elements,” is to share the story of Life, I took in search of Love and Enlightenment and how I came to realize we are all noble as God’s children.

My hope is in helping (even just one) a Lost Soul find some solace for their value in Life. As one of God’s siblings, I can tell you, “We are ALL deserving of God’s Spiritual Cosmic Love.”

With that said I respect others opinions SO LONG AS THEY RESPECT MINE. Since negativity gets everyone nowhere, it is not necessary nor welcomed here. Please apply in kind if you must and in positive ways only.

Mission Statement


Like everyone in this existence I am a traveler moving through the spectrum of space in this borrowed vacuum seen as mine. This space gave me the ability to choose suitable crafts for my enjoyment. I chose music, wordsmith-ing, Art, Love and to know my maker who brought me here. In fulfilling these achievements I realized that SHARING the WORD became the reason for my Life’s voyage. So this site is for that purpose; to share JUST gifts for whatever spiritual meaning it may bring to others.



This book expresses findings from Pendulum Swing with short Majestic occurrences in abstract observations.

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Here, is a continuation from Equilibrium with additional afterthoughts of findings for a still stance, balanced closure.
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